Loose Lightning EP

by Scalpy Gonzales

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released November 7, 2014

All songs by Scalpy Gonzales
Mastered by Duke Glucose



all rights reserved


Scalpy Gonzales

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Track Name: Dance to the Dead Horse Beatoff
I don't wanna dance I'd rather spend money that i don't have
I don't wanna kiss I'd rather write a song that I'm smarter than
I don't wanna sneer alone but I will if I think that it might end up on the internet
I got seventeen cars lined up behind me as I watch you with another man

Dance to the Dead Horse Beatoff if you don't care
Dance to the Dead Horse Beatoff if you're not scared
Dance to the Dead Horse Beatoff if you know that love is a lie
Dance to the Dead Horse Beatoff la-la-la-la-lie

We're taught what's good but we discover what's bad with our own hands
Look in the frontier of Sin and then turn around again real fast
return when we're all alone to our little secret that everyone else already knows about
Take a breath and go back home after another phony romance

Dance to the Dead Horse Beatoff

Broke another light bulb stole another beer spilled it on the armchair
Dad says "who's gonna pay for that shit" I said "i don't care"
Dance to the dead horse beatoff as old as a judge and as fresh as a brain freeze
Stick-and-poke a 'fuck' in my arm speak my mind with my hair

Dance to the dead horse beat off
Track Name: The Little Red Wagon Club
Back in front of the old flickering screen
We put up our hands and all say "weeee!"
in perfect sync with that old stock-footage
of the Little Red Wagon running free

This time the club is an asymmetrical Greyhound
Barreling blindly through a barbed wire desert town
A town laid out with the violence of a chess board
Spangled with identical fonts in a font war
And billboards that don't even bother to look up as they flip you off anymore

So I look out the window and what did I see?
I see my own self staring back at me
But somehow to mention it would be bad poetry
cuz I only circle that drain when life enters
her hellish circular swing of unrelenting logic and I can't find the art to forgive her
so instead I look around for what in me needs tending to

Being crushed to death by a giant Eye
is not whats meant by the examined life
and it annoys the woman on the seat to my right
so she stands and she flicks off the overhead light
we picked ourselves up a little wandering chorus
that reeks of sage and hails itself a support group
for those who are ashamed of their shame of their love of cliches
Cliches like the greyhound to Louisiana
And not being killed by this old hammer
But rather killing yourself when you're stripped of your right
to be vulnerable when you're up in front of a microphone
and the kiddies in the back all stand up and scream
that punk is the reason that art is an adjective
and art is the reason that punk was an accident
and sex is the reason this place is inhabited
and love is the reason I can't fuckin relax
and love is the reason that art is a fact
and art is the reason that things are Okay
and none is the reason the Little Red Wagon gave
for running away when it felt like it had its fix
Track Name: Loose Lightning
I got the worms of change
I'd like to pull em out
but I got nowhere to put em yet
and I'm not looking for a fast-forward or a rewind
but maybe a better plot
or maybe a better setting
maybe a time in which i could jump on the back of a train
and feel the wind in my hair
you know yesterday I felt so strong
felt like I could jump on the back of a train
and there'd be wind for my hair
felt like I understood love songs
turns out they're a lot like normal songs but with "I" and "you" instead of every other pronoun and noun
and I felt like I understood Rock n Roll
Cuz i felt like listening to rock n roll
and it didn't need to justify itself any further to me

My first day as a mussel
I held on tight every time a wave came
My first day as a man
I perked up every time my heart beat

Now I'm walkin down the 134
to the rhythm of your latest song
its such a god damn good song
but it smells like piss and turtle here
so i turn around to go listen to your song a couple ten more times
cuz I gotta torment my self a little more
Now walking back along the train tracks
I can't help but stare down and try to balance on the rail
even though its making me nauseous
Its a peculiar kind of self-destructiveness that's just an allergic reaction to our own neurotic compulsions

My first night as a man
I swore of nights forever
I hate 4 in the morning
I hate 4 in the morning

If you're the kind of boy who gets the shivers when you hear the name Jesus Christ
If you're the kind of girl whos butterflies get all a beatin when you hear the Mississippi river referred to as the Jordan river
If the battle hymn of the republic gears you up to kill even though you don't believe in god or have a clear cut side that you're fighting for
I know how much you Rocka-by-Death
And how you cradle the love of another with a condescension from above
a kind of distant anthropological love for a love that you think you're better than
Well is that love?
Is this love? Is that love?
Is their love love?
Is yours love?
Is ours love? is theres love?
It couldn't stand in for our love
Its not the same thing as my love
Its not your love
what could stand in for your love?
what the hell am I supposed to use to replace your love?
Cuz I'm pretty sure that trains aren't gonna cut it
and I'm pretty sure that Death and God won't cut it
and I don't think that boozing and piercing my ears is enough
When I'm supposed to somehow face all my fears and pretend I love it
but I'm tough right I can handle it I'm tough right?
And it seems like everyone else has already done it
but I ache like the icy Feral Hymns of Lungfish

I got the worms of You
I'd like to pull em out
but I just got nowhere to put em yet
I'm not looking for a fast-forward or a rewind
but maybe a better Me
or maybe a better You
or maybe a time in which I could jump on the back of a train
and feel my hands in Your hair
I feel like I understand You
Turns out You're a lot like Me but over there and with more power over how I feel
and I feel like You understand Me
Because I feel like talking to You
and I don't have to justify Myself any further to You
But it smells like You
so I have to turn around and go listen to your song a couple ten more times cuz I
Track Name: What's Rightfully Mine
Nothin ain't what it was no more
Another corner carried off
in the talons of Little Ms McCounterculture

I swear she's a cop
She's gotta be a cop or something
Gotta work for some government agency
The Department of Alternative Young People
I swear I'm not her
I'm not like her I'm like you
I swear I'm a victim
I'm a victim I'm a victim I'm a victim

You know this was mine
All of this was mine, rightfully mine
and now I can't afford it
and I don't even want it anymore now that its all mainstream
We probably agree on a lot
but I'm gonna start disagreeing here in a second as a protest
Cuz i gotta be me baby I gotta be different
Here lemme borrow that pen for a second
Ima take back whats mine
you can never take whats mine

You can take my corner and you can take my job
you can take my life but you'll never take me baby
As long as I got my social security number and my right to boogie

You know what? You can have it.
You can take it, i don't need it
I'm feeling kinda anti-social and insecure
and I don't really identify with this number anyway
its not really me its more you
here try it its
608 96 5679
608 96 5679
My social security number is
608 96 5679
March 24, 1992
608 96 5679
Track Name: Achilles Sundown
When the light clears, they'll be there
Grinning like your conscience
sick school principle nonsense
Its enough to make your palms wince
to know that they are watching constantly
Pretending to be the sun after it leaves
I'm afraid of the dark
for I have seen the dark
And the light can never again really fool me

When the Street clears, they'll be there
slobbering blood
slaughtering doves
knuckles turning white around a throttled love
clinking a bottle of sparking cider
stolen from the lips of the folks on the night bus
I don't trust a man
unless I can see all three of his hands
and I can't for the life of me imagine why dogs still like us

But dogs still like us, right? How bad can we be?
I for one trust their opinion completely
The highschool spent twelve thousand dollars on an automated sign that displays the time
but dogs still like us
sixteen hundred early angels were born this month in Palestine
but dogs still like us
Some folks clip their pitbulls ears so they're aggressive and fight with other canines
but they still like them
their dogs still like em

When the day clears I'll be there
in that hall of mirrors
I keep between my ears
defending myself in front of my peers
whos hellish savage jeering bullies me
for who i'll wake up and have to be
but i'm so scared of the dark
for i have seen the dark
and I don't wanna face whats waiting in that sea

Achilles Sundown

This room is a cave and I'll die a miner's death